The Fig

The African Fig
Based on the characteristics of fig trees found throughout Africa, we aim to embody some of its impressive characteristics in the figurative sense. The fig species has a significant presence throughout Africa, with 112 species while it also has a number of distinctive characteristics. Many species are found growing along river beds in rich soils, near the waters edge, in mixed woodland and upon rocks. Similarly, we aim to position ourselves so as to maximize resources that will help us grow and be influential in the corporate landscape in developing people for a sustainable and profitable future. The fig tree is known for its “aggressive” root system. Stability of roots makes it impossible for an elephant to uproot; without being shaken we are determined and positive to fulfill the need for business in Africa to be active participants in the triple bottom line approach to business.

The fig tree is truly iconic in Africa. The trees provide a number of benefits to animal species and humans alike. The fruit is enjoyed by elephants, antelope, monkeys, birds and bats, while leopards love to lie on their branches and the natural holes and crevices created by the trunk provide habitation for a number of species including warthog. Fig trees in general can be regarded as an eco system on their own and contribute immensely to the diversity of species where they grow. People use the bark from the tree to make twine and rope. The dry, hard wood from the tree is used as the starter block when making fire with the friction method. Fire allows for sustenance in terms of cooking and warmth. Traditional medicinal uses include: milky latex of the fruit to treat cataracts in the eye, infusion of the bark to stop nose bleeds, infusion of the fiber to prevent abortion (to name but a few). The wide spreading branches provide delightful shade. Thus, a key purpose of African fig is to provide sustenance to companies by guiding and empowering them to make significant contributions in the areana of people and the planet.

African Fig aims for a significant presence throughout Africa. Our Iconic symbol- the fig tree holds Africa firmly in the branches. We have been firmly rooted and we continue to produce fruit and the context we find ourselves in will benefit the environment and society alike.